he disposable head siphon SIDES was created to be used with the package current leader in the sale of mineral waters and soft drinks.

The disposable PET bottle is the packaging for excellence with greater participation in global consumption, so our head was intended and designed to be used with these bottles.

Currently, the product is available on the threads std. 28mm soft drinks. We have recently developed the same head, but to apply in short threads too.

In this way, Sides continues innovating and adapting the product to the new trends, and ecological sustainability of the products by reducing the final weight of the head.

Carbonated water remains the traditional application of the product, but recently incorporated the soft drinks in the siphons of Argentina.

While in terms of applying the head in carbonated water, the product is highly proven and mature, its applicability in soft drinks mixer is a very important potential market for the product, since in most countries people use some flavor of soda mixed with some spirit. For these situations, the trap is the best package.


    Along with the most modern technologies, we could achieve a really original head with unique features, such as:

  • Embedded and folding operating lever
  • Security seals
  • Removable lid from the peak
  • Lack of joints, springs or pads
  • No exposed buttons or levers
  • Excellent performance in heat packs on pallets
  • Maintains optimum carbonation till the end
  • Harmony design
  • Low cost

    The siphon disposable SIDES provides a positive response to all requirements of modern marketing:

  • It allows with low investment cost, a new product with a profitable price.
  • Differentiation being the driver of current growth, without a doubt the product is in that line. As a finished product, we can highlight:

    · Maintains the carbonation of the drink in constant terms, until "the last drop"
    · Create a comfortable and safe product.
    · It results in a container that guarantees hygienic conditions and an aesthetic differential.

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