Disposable soda siphon heads

It is intended for mineral water and soft drink bottlers able to provide their own containers. This allows independent development of the business, avoiding paying unnecessary costs of freight for empty packages.

We certify our quality

Sides produces Heads for Disposable Siphons with the primary objective of meeting the needs and requirements defined and agreed with our customers. As well as the legal and regulatory ones applicable to our processes and products.
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Gasification guaranteed until the last drop

The traditional applications of the product are for carbonated beverages in general, for human consumption.
The most traditional applications are in Mineral Water, Soft Drinks and mixers with or without alcohol.

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Sides - Austria         

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100 Mill

More than 100,000,000 heads produced.


We export to more than 36 countries


More than 15 years in the international market.


We achive 100% of our productivity

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