SIDES Inc. is a company founded in 1997, along with the initiative of some business men involved in different areas of Soda Siphons industry and sodas in general. They were aware of the high potential and diffusion of Soda, as well as the new demands by consumers, their persistent trend of change of habits and attitudes.

It is intended for mineral water and soft drink bottlers able to provide their own containers. This allows independent development of the business, avoiding paying unnecessary costs of freight for empty packages.

The design and versatility of this head, can adapt harmoniously to various formats such as:
Disposable Pet Bottles Finish 28 mm PCO 1816
Disposable Pet Bottles Finish 28 mm short 1881
Disposable Pet Bottles Finish 28 mm short 1873 (México)

Given the many presentations provided by this package, it’s strongly considerate the possibility to pack other carbonated beverages

Business proposal


  • TAll bottlers look for innovation in packaging as a driver of growth.
  • The product creates a new category without initial reference Price.
  • It has a low cost for the values in the industry.