SIDES Inc. is a company founded in 1997, along with the initiative of some business men involved in different areas of Soda Siphons industry and sodas in general. They were aware of the high potential and diffusion of Soda, as well as the new demands by consumers, their persistent trend of change of habits and attitudes.


IDES plant has now its own assembly and injection, where processes are fully automated; it produces 12 million monthly disposable heads for siphons. It is located in the town of Quilmes BA, and is also administrative and base of the company's sales team.

On That property, Inc. SIDES division has set-up equipment for the bottler, where we repair and build the machinery that the bottler need for the application of our product: the head to siphon disposable.

In This Way, the company offers customers a comprehensive solution, offering not only the product, but also all the equipment on machines, design of production lines which include authorizing power, placers, tappers and filling machines and closing of siphons.

History in Argentina

Over the years, soda siphons in Argentina (returnable glass bottles and home service) had a very dynamic development; they even became the most widely consumed packaged beverage "per capita".

The most diverse reasons contributed to this phenomenon, starting with the great virtue of the siphon to maintain the product with constant gasification, even in a partially empty container.

It also helped the consolidation of the product cultural reasons such as our natural inclination to make family gatherings, where the combination of siphons and wine became the drink par excellence, the must in every home table.

Another important contribution, it was the method of direct distribution to families, which made the figure of “soda man”, a familiar character, who remained in time for the great convenience that the service represented.

Evolution in Argentina

The product diversification caused by globalization and commercialization in big markets, in addition with the sharp decline in wine consumption, required an adequate update of the product and way of reaching the consumer.

Some of the reasons for the creation of Siphon Disposable SIDES, Argentina were preserving the core benefit of the container (trap), as the stability of gasification and new convenient features in packaging for market opportunities.

In an international level, we saw a clear opportunity to create a distinctive new packaging in carbonated products industry. In markets where there was no history of returnable siphon, the siphon itself is a distinctive package.

As the package is obtained from the same bottles and existing production lines of international bottlers, creating a new package by replacing only the cover from the bottle, makes the idea a low cost possible project. Consequently, doors open in the international market of soft drinks to our product Disposable Siphon SIDES.

Business proposal


  • TAll bottlers look for innovation in packaging as a driver of growth.
  • The product creates a new category without initial reference Price.
  • It has a low cost for the values in the industry.